Omnimusa: one company, thousands of solutions!

Omnimusa has its own design resources in order to cover all visual necessities from our customers. Every single work done in Omnimusa is exclusively made for each customer.

Therefore the final result is tailored to the corporate values and image of our customers and it is unique in the market.

  • Corporate identity (logo/logotype):  design, development and implementation of corporate image projects.
  • Graphic Projects:  design, development and implementation of graphics.
  • Corporate presentations: design and development of multimedia presentations and keynotes.
  • Product design: design and development of commercial products.
  • Packaging: design, development and creation of packaging for products.
  • Signaling: projection, design, organization, development and implementations of signaling projects.

  • Websites: design, development and implementation of web projects.
  • Blogs: design and development of blogs.
  • Content management systems: design and development of content management systems.
  • Online Commerce: design and implementation of online shops.
  • e-mail marketing: design and implementation of online marketing campaigns, thanks to our tool
  • Websites on mobile devices: design, development and implementation of mobile web projects. 
  • Apps (Applications)for mobile devices: design, development and implementation of applications for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad y Android).

  • Advertising video: design, development and creation of advertising spots for all kind of advertising campaigns.
  • Corporate Vídeo: design, development and creation of corporate videos for companies or products. Presentations, conferences…
  • Motion graphic: design, development and creation of motion graphics in all its categories graphics.
  • Photographic report: photography, development, assembly, retouching, accommodations and more.
  • Advertising report: design, development and creation of infomercials (informative televisión commercial).
  • Multimedia applications: design, development and implementation of multimedia applications susch as DVD menus, video for web applications…
  • Flash animation: design, development and creation of flash animations for websites.
  • Stop motion: design, development and creation of stop motion projects both real and graphics, with elements such as clay, cardboard…).

  • Communication campaigns: creating strategic advertising campaigns for global communication of your company.
  • SMM. Social Media Marketing (Social Networking): creating of campaigns through the new media, social networks…
  • e-mail marketing: design and implementation of online marketing campaigns, thanks to our advertising tool
  • Communication audits: analysis and study of brand image in the market, competitive analysis, target audience…

  • Graphic advertising: design, development and implementation of all visual display advertising.
  • Products: design, development and creation of advertising campaigns for products in mass media.
  • Mass media: design, development and adaptation of advertising campaigns media.
  • Fairs: design, creation and installation of exhibition stands (modular design or free).
  • Event organization: design, planning and organization of conferences, seminars or workshops.